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Medtronic APAC Innovation Challenge & Conference

Go Big with Medtronic

Come, join us in our #GoBig exploration as we partner hand-in-hand across APAC to achieve healthcare technology leadership.

At Medtronic, we have a bold ambition to become a global leader in healthcare technology. For us, that means revolutionizing healthcare with new technologies and innovative solutions. We want to #GoBig on advancing medical technology. And while we are very excited of what’s coming up next, we can’t do it alone! 

Be part of our innovation journey and #GoBigwithMedtronic



Go Big with Collaborators

Inviting innovators to collaborate with us to accelerate technology innovation in APAC. 


We called for the best innovative ideas from across APAC that can address real world healthcare needs. The Top 5 Winners have now been identified to collaborate with Medtronic, valued up to USD200,000. Categories of finalists’ ideas include Medical Technology, Digital Health and Disease Management Solutions.


Go Big with Leaders

Connecting Healthcare & Technology Innovators.


Hear from experts on the best practices in engaging the startup ecosystem and the evolving MedTech innovation landscape.



Go Big with Insights

Gain the latest analysis and opinions from the MedTech innovators


Titled ’Asia Pacific’s Healthcare Technologies Ecosystem: Enhancing Startup and SME Success’, this is APAC region’s 1st whitepaper focused on APAC MedTech’s start-ups, written by Economist Impact. It aims to understand the barriers MedTech companies experience and the solutions available to enable the acceleration of technology innovation and adoption. 


News Release (download) | Medtronic APAC Innovation Challenge Fact Sheet (download) | Medtronic Whitepaper Fact Sheet (download) | Medtronic Whitepaper (download)