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The Medtronic Whitepaper

Asia Pacific’s Healthcare Technologies Ecosystem: Enhancing Startup and SME Success

Gain insights from 150 healthcare technology leaders in APAC.

Here are the key takeaways from the Medtronic Whitepaper:

Healthcare Technology start-ups need help attracting talents

84% respondents agree that talent recruitment is a significant challenge for early-stage start-ups. Whether support comes from government or private organization programs, strategies and pathways to attract talented graduates and executives to the medical technology sector are required for future growth.

COVID-19 has created new Healthcare Technology opportunities

The pace of digitization has grown far faster than was previously thought possible and ushered in an acceptance of remote medical services and alternative care models. 55% of respondents said that the pandemic enabled innovative ideas to come to fruition. 

There’s a need to create a more collaborative partner ecosystem

Over 75% of respondents identified partnerships and collaborations with government, industry, and other technology innovators as a significant challenge. However, bringing the ecosystem together and building industry support networks that facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration is likely to provide the best boost for early-stage start-ups.

Healthcare Technology Innovation in APAC requires continued government support 

Whether through the promotion of innovation, increased funding, or collaboration, 38.7% of respondents identified government support as the most important factor, followed by greater collaboration between private and public sector (37.3%) for supporting innovation and fostering growth in Healthcare Technology across Asia Pacific.

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