Our commitment to a healthy world begins with the products, therapies, and services that benefit millions of patients around the world, but we also strive to demonstrate continuous improvement in our social and environmental impacts.

At Medtronic, we are working to increase access to care while also advancing ethical business practices, patient safety and product quality, responsible sourcing, and product stewardship. 

We also have a commitment to philanthropy, and strive to build healthy, vibrant communities worldwide.

That commitment begins in the communities where our employees work, live, give, volunteer, and where we support their everyday dedication to making the world a better place to live for everyone.

We also focus efforts on expanding healthcare access to underserved populations that live out of reach of quality care. They include people who cannot afford care, cannot travel to care because of distance or existing conditions, have limited knowledge of their condition, or don’t know how to navigate their local healthcare system or advocate for themselves.

We have a responsibility to reduce this global burden of chronic disease and believe that through a “whole of society” approach, we can prevent, control, and manage chronic diseases. Governments, communities, businesses, and people living with NCDs each have important roles in this collective effort.